Cradle Of Sins - Introduction

Learn About Our Company's Mission & Goals.
Cradle Of Sins - The First VR MOBA E-Sports Game That Allows Crossplay Between VR & PC Players. You can play with your friends, form a team and battle with others in the arena or try our Singleplayer / CO-OP Mode. The gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork.

Challenge Yourself With Various Gamemodes

  • MOBA- Our Premier Gamemode, Team Up With Your VR / PC Friends In An Intense 3V3 Match!
  • BONGO- A Gorgeous Tower-Defense Challenge, Don't Let The Enemy Team Reach The TOP!
  • Dominion - Embark On A Thrilling Adventure Deep Inside A Crystal-Filled Cave, The First Team To Mine Their Set Of Crystals Wins.
  • Architect's Conquest - Our Unique Singleplayer/CO-OP Mode, You Can Either Play Against The Environment Or You Can Enable PVP And Invade The Lands Of Other Players, But Be Careful As They Invade You As Well!
Cradle Of Sins | Crafting the Ultimate Experience - Inside the Studio

The Vision & Inspiration Behind The Game

U24 Solutions Labs - We Began Developing The Game More Than 5 Years Ago, Back in 2017. Initially the team consisted of only 3 Founding Members:
  • Arnet Mahmastrol - Co Founder & CEO
  • Steve Parker - Co Founder & Investor
  • Margus Magi - Techlead :)
Cradle Of Sins - Founding Members
As we made progress in game development, we gradually increased the size of our team and total funding for the project. Currently, our team consists of 17 Developers, and we intend to hire more developers as we keep expanding the game. Cradle Of Sins - Was Created As A Way To Revolutionize The Gaming Industry By Combining Virtual Reality & MOBA Gameplay. We recognized that the traditional MOBA Genre was already immensely popular on Mobile & PC Platforms, but we believe that VR has the potential to take the experience to the next level. - By creating a VR MOBA, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in the game, feeling as if they are actually inside the game, compared to just a passive experience on a 2D screen. With its unique combination of VR & MOBA Gameplay, our game has the potential to become a massive hit in the VR Gaming World.
"MOBAS Are, Without A Doubt, The Headline E-Sports Genre In 2023."; SOURCE

Smart Contract Information & Team KYC

Cradle Of Sins - Audited By Certik & KYC By AssureDEFI
"At U24 Solutions, The Paramount Importance Of Security & Transparency Is Recognized. Therefore, we have taken all essential measures to ensure clarity for our holders." - Arnet Mahmastol, CEO
" Locking Liquidity Is Just One Of The Steps We Take In Order To Bring Assurance To Holders. Liquidity is not locked forever, just in case we may need to do some structural changes in the future as a security measure." - Arnet Mahmastol, CEO
  • Liquidity Lock - Locked For 1 Year, Until 4/14/2024 & Can Be Viewed HERE
  • Strategic Lock - Locked For 6 Months, Until 10/15/2023 & Can Be Viewed HERE
" We Have Locked The Entire STRATEGIC RESERVE (19%) And Another 1% In Order To Further Emphasize The Fact That This Is A Project With A Long Time Horizon. A total of 200,000 $COS have been locked, only 3.7560% remain unlocked in the Owner Wallet. If we plan to use some of the unlocked tokens we will transparently notify the community before hand, using the tokens doesn't mean they will be sold on the market. For example we may do some long term deals with Youtubers/Streamers where we can provide tokens in exchange for support, which they will be obligated to hold for a set period of time." - Arnet Mahmastol, CEO