Our tokenomics are designed with the concept of scarcity in mind, most altcoins have an inflationary system which is very hard to sustain and more often than not isn't placed there to benefit the holders. The $COS token features a small starting supply with deflationary smart contract mechanisms designed to benefit long term holders.

Total Supply: 1,000,000 $COS

The tokens will be distributed accordingly:
  • 225,000 (22.5%) Presale Funding Round - 2.5$ Per Token l Total Raise: 562,500$
  • 191,250 (19.125%) Reserved for Initial Liquidity on DEX ( Decentralized Exchange)
  • 123,000 (12.3%) Private Sale - 2.1$ Per Token l Total Raise: 258,000$
  • 143,000 (14.3%) Seed Funding Round - 1.05$ Per Token l Total Raise: 150,000$
  • 194,750 (19.475%) Strategic Reserve
  • 123,000 (12.3%) Staking Reserve
Cradle Of Sins - Tokenomics visualization
"We want to have a scarce supply in order to make our tokenomics as strong as possible, there are too many tokens with flawed design that have too big of a supply for absolutely no reason. We want to be a scarce token people value, one of the main reasons people buy $BTC is because of it's scarcity and combined with the global demand and stable supply this makes it a good coin to HODL." - Stever Parker, Co-Founder

Smart Contract Functions

$COS is built in a sustainable way to benefit both holders and project sustainability.
  • Constant Burn Function - 2% of each SELL transaction will be burned forever.
  • Marketing & Development Function - 5% of each SELL transaction will be sent to the developer wallet to support the project forward.
These functions are designed to reward long term holders, create even more scarcity and ensure the developers have enough funds for game development and marketing.