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Roadmap Explained

Our roadmap for Q3 & Q4 of 2022
In this section of the Whitepaper we will be taking a look at the various points on the roadmap and explain their significance and reason behind them so that each $COS holder or entity that wishes to become one can fully understand our plans for the project.
"We believe transparency is something that most crypto projects lack, we want to make sure our holders have access to as much information as they need to do their own research" - Steve Parker, Co-Founder
Q3 & Q4 2022 Roadmap

Edward Phase Explained

This is the phase where we will do the last preparations for launch, the most important aspect of this phase is to build a strong community on Telegram & Discord who is excited to be part of the pre-sale, token launch or just to test out the game.
  • Architecture Planning and Team Building - This is where we finalize the tokenomics and the different custom functions our smart contract will have. In this phase we will also be contacting different projects in order to hire experienced marketers & advisors who can create a big impact.
  • Release of Website & Whitepaper - Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Establish Connections With Partners & Influencers - Our goal here is to onboard quality influencers who will help us grow our player userbase or help us gain more holders over a long time period. We also want to create powerful partnerships with other projects who can provide value to $COS through marketing or by adding additional utility to the project.
  • Release Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign - Now it's time for us to deploy our first wave of marketing, we will be mainly targeting ICO/Pre-Sale communities, gaming guilds and Twitter + Tik-Tok influencers.
  • Fill Seed Sale - Our goal is to raise a total of 150,000$ in order to hire more developers and enable us to finish the game by the end of 2022.
  • Fill Private Sale - We are looking to raise 300,000$ in order to fund growth for the game post launch.
  • Begin Token Pre-Sale - Our goal for the pre-sale is to raise a total of 1,500,000$ which will be used to further develop the game and fund our upcoming marketing campaigns.

Hexoth Phase

This is the phase where we will complete a lot of the tasks that are expected from a high level project like: smart contract audit, liquidity lock, post launch marketing campaigns and listings on various coin ranking sites like Coingecko & Coinmarketcap.
  • Contract Audit Release - We want to have our contract audit ready in advance of the launch in order for people to have confidence that our smart contract functions will perform as intended.
  • Launch on Pancakeswap - As soon as we are launched on the platform, the initial liquidity will be locked for 5 years.
  • Coingecko & Coinmarketcap Listing - As we know these two listings are very important because these are the search engines most people use to discover new crypto opportunities so we need to be listed here before starting our post-launch marketing campaign.
  • Post-Launch Marketing Campaign - We will be using our various marketing partners to promote the game alongside with various other marketing campaigns like giveaways & community competitions.

Kyra Phase

In this phase we will focus on delivering big updates for the game, we already have connections with a lot of big content creators but we want to build even more connections with popular VR influencers which will help us a lot with our upcoming game launch marketing campaign.
  • Release Version 0.7 of COS - This is the version of the game we will use for Open Beta Test, where we will enable a large bunch of our community to play test and based on their feedback we will make the needed changes to V0.8 which will be the version early access will be played on.
  • Partner Up With VR Influencers - We want to have as many influencers ready to promote the game on launch day, the goal is to create a lot of hype for the game and create a snowball effect.
  • E-Sports Integration - We will enable teams to compete against each other through an in game matchmaking system.
  • Community Competitions - We will be hosting events with prizes to reward our most active and talented players in order to further promote the game.
  • Early Access on Steam - This release will push a lot of VR enthusiasts into trying out the game, this new influx of players will help us gain even more users and help us polish the game more easily by receiving higher quality feedback to use for game updates.

The Final Boss Phase

This is the most important phase because in it lays the official launch of the game where we will get a huge influx of new VR enthusiasts trying out the game. In this phase we will push out as much marketing as we can to make the game trend in the VR community.
  • Release Version 0.8 of COS - This will be our biggest update so far and the changes will be based on the feedback from the early access phase, because this will be a big update it is expected to come with some issues which we will fix in V0.9.
  • VR Influencers Marketing Campaign - We will be utilizing all our contacts with VR influencers to promote the launch of the game, if the game is well received the users will start spreading the news naturally to their friends which can create a powerful snowball effect.
  • Official Game Launch - Release of V1.0
  • VR E-Sports Tournament - We aim to host the biggest VR e-sports tournament featuring big streamers & gaming youtubers who will be fighting over the trophy. We actually hosted a test tournament in 2020 where we invited some of the biggest names on Twitch: xQc, Sodapoppin, Steve Aoki, Headhunterz and more, you can watch it HERE.