No Play 2 Earn & NFTs

Not Play 2 Earn

"X-to-earn games are filled with "ponzi-nomics" -- they are reward-based programs. Many GameFi developers focus on the DeFi element of Web3 games, but the games mechanics are not fun-to-play." - Ryan Watt, CEO at Polygon Studios; SOURCE
The Cradle of Sins game will not feature a Play to Earn (P2E) business model like most of the current games we see in the blockchain field. The main reason for this is that we believe this system to be very hard to sustain in the long term, mainly because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets which influence the price of the currency that the game is using to pay players. So if that currency drops then the game will experience a lot of their users leaving which can in turn create even more side effects like the increase of matchmaking time which can further negatively affect the game.
Matchmaking time - How much time it takes for a user to find the other needed players to start a match.
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"If it's a fun game everyone's gonna play it, which means you won't be earning as much but if you are earning a lot from the game it's not gonna be very fun and it's now just work". - Callum Upton, a popular gaming youtuber in an interview
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The Game Will Not Feature NFTs

While we understand the potential benefits NFTs can bring to a game, like the ability for the player to have full ownership over his in game assets like in game skins, items etc, there are three main reasons why we decided to not integrate them into the game.
  • Steam does not allow NFTs on the platform - We built the game from the very beginning with the goal of allowing PC & VR players to play together. Steam is the best solution to achieve this since most PC users already use it and it offers VR support which will make it super easy for new users to get their hands on our game.
  • Most gamers don't have cryptocurrency wallets - Adding NFTs or P2E would just create another entry barrier to potential users. While this can change in the near future, it's just a fact that for the moment the vast majority of gamers are not familiar with this and they just want to have a fun game to play.
"I think we all know how complicated it was when we started out in crypto when we had to create a wallet then figure out how Metamask/Trustwallet works, then you need to add BNB to your wallet, then you need to learn how to swap, etc.... Our goal is to make our game as accessible as possible, we don't want to create a high barrier to entry." - Arnet Mahmastol, CEO
  • NFTs are not seen in a good light by the average video game user - It is just a fact that the vast majority of gamers are not in support of NFTs and some of them go as far as hating anything that tries to associate itself with them. We believe this is mainly due to the vast amount of NFT scam projects and due to the huge valuations some NFTs like the BAYC collections have which makes people believe NFTs are just a luxury thing for insanely rich people who can afford to spend one million dollars on a JPEG picture of a monkey.
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