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Unique Business Model

We have developed a business model which does not integrate the popular P2E & NFT features for the reasons explained in the previous page.
"Recent market events like the infamous Terra Luna crash showed us that the vast majority of altcoin holders actually don't understand what their coins do because of unnecessary complexity, many coins have very little transparency and often some of them are created by anonymous individuals who you can't trust." - Arnet Mahmastol, CEO
We believe our token model solves all of the main problems we see in the cryptocurrency market because it features these three core principles:
  • Simplicity - We believe the simplest solution is usually the best one, having a simple and effective model can ensure that every holder has the ability to understand exactly how the system works which will boost confidence in the project.
  • Transparency - Over the course of the project we want to be as transparent as possible with our holders by offering good communication with the community, this includes a monthly newsletter which is designed to enable every holder to keep track with the project in an easy way.
  • Trust - The $COS token is built by U24 Solutions Labs which is a legally compliant company with over 13 employees registered in UK which has been around since 2017.

The $COS Token Model

Our model is designed to give holders an opportunity to be part of the booming VR gaming industry.
  • Token Buybacks - At the end of every quarter U24 Solutions Labs will use 25% of the profits generated by the Cradle of Sins game in order to buy the token on the open market. This feature will ensure the token will create a higher price floor over time.
Important Disclaimer
The BuyBack amount of 25% is calculated by adding up the supply sold before launch in the seed sale, private sale and presale. Our goal is to reach 64.1% but in the case that we cant fill this amount, the buyback amount will also be reduced accordingly.
Cryptocurrency Token Buybacks ~ Stocks Share Buybacks
This is actually something very common in the traditional finance world of stocks, many companies do Share Buybacks where they openly buy shares from the market using company profits to reduce the shares on the open market, this strategy is an efficient way of creating more value for holders.
  • The buyback mechanism is designed to ensure the value of the token is determined by the success of the game.
  • Quarterly Burns - All the tokens obtained from the buyback operations will be publicly burned which will create more scarcity and will ensure that the token remains deflationary over time.
Proof of Burn & Buyback: We will offer full transparency reports on all the burn & buyback operations.
The value of the $COS token derives from the success of the game, the more profits the company generates from the game the more demand there will be for the token and the more scarce it becomes because of the burns. We believe that using this model our developers can focus on delivering a great product that will be mass adopted by VR & PC gamers.