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The Team

To build a good game it needs to be built by people who play games.
The Cradle of Sins team brings together people who are veterans in the field of VR game development as well as experts in the blockchain & marketing fields. The game development team was founded in 2017 as U24 Solutions Labs, with a specialty in Virtual Reality games. We started small with only 3 members developing casual VR minigames. Since 2018, we have started to turn our focus towards creating a big VR MOBA game that can take the industry by surprise, we are now sitting at 13 developers and we are still hiring talented VR developers.
The Main Team
Our team shares a strong passion for VR games and that's why we are dedicating our lives to make unique virtual reality games that can create great experiences for our users.
We have forged a fun environment where we challenge ourselves in order to push the industry forward. Every day we bring all members a new challenge to face and conquer. We push ourselves to the limit and we are always actively looking for better solutions to the different problems we encounter. We keep those thoughts as our mindsets, which creates uniqueness in all the games we have been making.
Team at the COS Tournament