🎩Mission & Ideals

History & Ideals

U24 Solutions Labs was established in 2017 with only three core members. We started out small but we were able to grow steadily into where we are today. Our #1 priority is to create games that people all over the world can enjoy in VR.

β€ŒGames have become an integral part of our modern society. Using games, we can discover new experiences and take a break from the ordinary world and just enjoy a fun moment with friends.

With the use of blockchain technology we now have the opportunity to give the chance to anyone around the world to invest in the future of gaming, also known as VR games. Utilizing the power of the blockchain to bring things such as decentralization, security, transparency to our investors we can gain an advantage over other competitors from the VR industry. We decided to bring Cradle of Sins, our most ambitious projects that we have been working on for over 3 years, with nearly 2000 BETA testers to the blockchain for the above reasons. Cradle of Sins or COS for short is a game that we have spent a lot of time and effort to develop over the last three years, working every day from 8 to even 16 hours with over 13 developers, we did all this with the scope of creating The First VR MOBA With PC & VR Crossplay. Currently the VR market has not gained mass adoption like the PC & Mobile markets eventually did, but that is a good thing because we need to be here early and #BUIDL a great product that will benefit massively from the inevitable VR mass adoption.

Five years ago, we decided to pursue VR games because the industry is very new, and we believe that VR is the future of the Metaverse.


Our mission is not just to create the best VR MOBA game currently on the market but we also want to bridge the gap between PC & VR by enabling gamers from different platforms to access the game. This will make it easier for us to market the game and also attract more users, since the game is playable on 2 platforms and not just 1 like most VR games at the moment.

For the game to succeed we need to excel in these three major areas:

  1. Gameplay must be fun and not repetitive, our #1 goal is to keep players interested in logging into the game every day. The game must have features that enables the player to challenge himself and make him want to keep coming back to improve his skills , I am talking about features such as ranked matchmaking where players can climb what we call in MOBAS as "The Ladder" of skill, daily quests which will incentivize the players to log in daily to complete them, we also want to have small tournaments where players can form a team and compete against other teams for prizes.

  2. Streamer & Content Creator Support , we must ensure that the game has the needed features to enable streamers and content creators to enjoy the game without the threat of "stream snipers" ruining their experience and in turn hurting our game's popularity. One such feature will be a settings players can enable in game that will conceal the in game names of all the other players in the lobby.

  3. Strong Replayability, we must ensure the game remains fun for a player even if he played thousands of matches. Thankfully MOBA games are the more replayable games out there, this is because the almost infinite number of variations a match can have. With us adding more playable characters, map updates or just different updates like character or weapons changes the game will never get old. "The Ladder" is also a very strong element that adds to the game's replayability because it gives the player a goal to reach a higher skill level, having a well made & fair matchmaking experience is one of the most important features of a MOBA game.

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